Artist Statement 202 - DSC03980(web)

I do not know who I would be without dance. I have healthily grown more confident and intellectually from experiencing various movement styles such as aerial dance, ballroom, gaga, and the basic modern, jazz, tap, and ballet. It has openly brought in many people and their beliefs into my life. I believe dance has a healing connection between the mind and the body that is shared and communicated without words. Dance is beyond words and enables me to express myself as a human being, as a woman, and as a person with emotions and thoughts. Being able to move and create something on my own is rewarding in and of  itself. Whether I share a story, an opinion, or belief in my work, it is my choice of how the beginning, middle, and end tie together, and how I communicate what I want to say. My background in ballet and modern is strongly infused within my works and gives a mixture of soft, flowing movement with grounded and twisting of the upper body. I believe the whole body should be used, not only the feet, but even small things such as the fingers, the ears, and especially the face. I want to share how I feel, inspire, motivate, and connect with the audience. I will continue to explore new movement and be open to new ideas.


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