Performance in 2019:

Room to Move Dance Concert TBA


Performance in 2018:

1920’s Senior Ball October 13

Circus Flash Mob with the Circus School September 2

 Tremors of my Past with Kate Coleman April 28th, 

 Dance Canvas March 

 Peachtree Pres Dance Recital May


Performance in 2016:

MAD Festival June 3rd, 4th

The Gym at Peachtree Pres May 15th

Inman Park Festival April 30th, May 1st

Southern Voices Festival with Padeia Arts Theatre April 1st-3rd

“MIXTAPE” by Zoetic Dance Ensemble March 25th and 26th

” Breakaway ” by Full Radius March 11-12th


Performances in 2015:

Winter’s Bloom December 11th 7pm at General Davis Middle School

“Forgotten” by Full Radius November 7 at Piedmont Park


Performances of 2014:

Love Stories June 20-22nd

Inman Park Festival April 26th and 27th

MAD Festival March 14-15th 8pm at the Balzer Theater in Atl

Dance Canvas January 17th and 18th at 14th st. Playhouse


Performances 2013:

Once Upon a Holiday December 14th and 15th

“Z is for..” November 1st

Frankenstein’s Frolic October 27 11am-3pm

“Rebuild” with Kennesaw State University dance company at:

Ballet Fest 2013 March 9th 5pm

ACDF 2013

“Z is for…” at Dance Chance Atl May 4th, 2013 and November 1, 2013 at Emory

Lume May 12th, 5pm at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

PGK Project June 17th- 29th

Choreography Showing:

“6GB” at Chastain pointe, KSU campus 5pm April 5th


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